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Out-of-state man charged for alleged drug crimes in Utah

Facing any type of criminal charge can cause individuals to face difficult situations. Whether drug crimes or other alleged offenses, parties do have options for defending against the accusations that have been brought against them. In many cases, individuals find gaining relevant information and professional assistance useful. Luckily, resources are available for interested people looking for such help.

One man may be exploring his defense options after recently being taken into custody in Utah. The 19-year-old man from out of state was apparently attending the Festival of Colors when he and three other individuals in a vehicle were stopped by police for driving on a walkway. The officers allegedly smelled marijuana in the vehicle, and as a result, they conducted a search. 

The search reportedly resulted in the officers finding ecstasy pills, cocaine, LSD, marijuana and Xanax pills. The street value for the amount of drugs purportedly found was estimated at $25,000. The 19-year-old man was charged with DUI, drug possession, drug distribution and drug paraphernalia allegations. The three other individuals in the vehicle were minors, and they were given citations for drug possession. A parent of one of the teens took the minors back to their home state.

The individual facing the criminal charges will undoubtedly want to address his situation in the most effective manner possible. In order to fully understand the allegations and Utah laws being applied to his case, he may wish to speak with an experienced attorney. This legal professional could assist him in creating a meaningful defense against the drug crimes charges.

Source:, "Police arrest suspected drug dealer attending Festival of Colors", Pat Reavy, March 28, 2017

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