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March 2017 Archives

Out-of-state man charged for alleged drug crimes in Utah

Facing any type of criminal charge can cause individuals to face difficult situations. Whether drug crimes or other alleged offenses, parties do have options for defending against the accusations that have been brought against them. In many cases, individuals find gaining relevant information and professional assistance useful. Luckily, resources are available for interested people looking for such help.

Criminal defense: Utah officer charged with domestic violence

Sometimes, individuals may have an underlying problem that results in their acting in ways that they otherwise might not. In some cases, an individual could be charged with allegations relating to violent crimes due to such actions. As a result, the accused party will undoubtedly want to determine his or her options for creating and presenting a criminal defense

Utah woman likely preparing defense for allegations of sex crimes

The tactics many individuals use to defend against criminal charges often depend on the circumstances under which the allegations were filed. Parties who are accused of sex crimes may wish to take different approaches to their cases than individuals accused of other crimes. One teacher in Utah is undoubtedly exploring her defense options after recently being taken into custody.