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Utah woman likely hopes to defend against charges of drug crimes

A Utah woman is likely focused on her criminal defense options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the allegations of drug crimes and other offenses occurred after a police officer noticed the woman's vehicle parked in a convenience store parking lot. It was noted that the vehicle's registration was expired, and the car seemed to be in deteriorated condition.

After 15 minutes, the officer passed by again and noticed the vehicle still there. He approached the car to see if the woman behind the wheel needed help. The woman apparently stated that she was waiting for someone, and the officer allegedly noticed signs of impairment. As a result, the officer purportedly conducted a field sobriety test, the results of which apparently led to his arresting the woman.

The woman's two young daughters were in the vehicle at the time, and after the officer searched the car, he allegedly found methamphetamine and syringes in close proximity to the children. Family services took the children into custody until their grandparents came to get them. The woman is currently facing charges for child endangerment, DUI and possession of meth and drug paraphernalia. 

The charges for child endangerment and drug crimes filed against the woman may have her feeling overwhelmed. However, learning more about her legal options may allow her to better understand how to approach her case. Speaking with an experienced Utah attorney could also allow her to gain an advocate as well as gain information on defense strategies that could potentially benefit her case.

Source:, "Utah mom booked for DUI, child endangerment after police find meth in car near kids", Mark Green, Feb. 9, 2017

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