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Utah sex crimes accusations may be combated with strong defense

Unfortunately, many individuals could find themselves in difficult situations that involve criminal charges. If an individual has been accused of sex crimes, he or she will undoubtedly begin thinking about criminal defense strategies. There are various options that could potentially help accused individuals present a meaningful defense against the allegations brought against them. 

One man in Utah may be working on building his defense after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man had been talking to another man online who he believed to have been the father of a 13-year-old girl. The father was offering individuals the chance to have sex with his daughter, and the man allegedly agreed to meet the father and daughter in order for him to have intercourse with the teen. 

The father and daughter were actually undercover agents for a task force targeting internet crimes involving children. When the man arrived at the meeting place, he was taken into custody on felony charges of sexual exploitation of a minor and enticing a minor using the internet. The man had reportedly told police that he had sexual conversations with the girl but had only agreed to meet in order to inform police of the situation.

Since the man is now facing felony charges for the alleged sex crimes, addressing his criminal defense will certainly be in his best interests. He may wish to determine which options could best suit his particular circumstances and begin building his presentation. Additionally, he may wish to speak with an experienced Utah defense attorney who may be able to assist with his specific case.

Source:, "Man reportedly negotiated with man online to have sex with child", Kurt Hanson, Jan. 19, 2017

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