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Information may help Utah man build defense for sex crimes charge

While working through a difficult situation, information can play a key role in the outcomes an individual may face. Therefore, if individuals have been accused of sex crimes or other alleged acts, they may wish to ensure that they have the correct information regarding their legal options. Such information could help them as they work to create and present their criminal defenses.

One man in Utah may be gathering information after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man allegedly followed a 5-year-old boy into the restroom at a public library and sexually assaulted the child. The situation was described in the report as forced sexual contact between the 26-year-old man and young boy. Additionally, the man purportedly kept the child in the restroom against his will. 

The child told his sister, who then told their mother about the incident. Surveillance from the library resulted in authorities taking the man into custody. The man allegedly told police that he assaulted the boy even after the child said to stop. As a result of the situation, the man is currently facing charges for child sexual abuse and kidnapping. 

In order to gain information on his legal options for dealing with the sex crimes allegations, the man may wish to utilize reliable resources. Speaking with an experienced Utah defense attorney could allow him to obtain useful and specific knowledge for his particular case. As a result, he may be better able to work toward building and presenting a meaningful criminal defense with which he feels comfortable moving forward.

Source:, "Utah man faces kidnapping, child sex abuse charges after assault in library bathroom", Jan. 29, 2017

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