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Utah woman accused of drug crimes

Drug charges are serious and sometimes complicated matters that need to be addressed in the proper manner. Unfortunately, many individuals who have been accused of drug crimes may not have the knowledge needed to navigate their legal proceedings effectively. Individuals may wish to seek assistance with their criminal defenses if they feel they could benefit from such help.

One woman in Utah may be hoping to gain assistance after being charged with numerous accusations. It was reported that deputies allegedly found her with drugs, but there were no details given on how the drugs were purportedly found. It was also unclear what caused police to be suspicious of the woman in the first place. Additional information may become available at a later time as her case moves forward.

As a result, the woman is now facing five drug-related charges. Among those allegations are possession of narcotics, possession of dangerous drugs and possession of drugs for sale. She is also facing charges for making a false police report and driving on a suspended license. The drug charges were reported as being felonies, and the other charges are misdemeanors.

Felony and misdemeanor charges could come with serious repercussions if the woman is convicted in criminal court. As a result, she may wish to learn more about the specific charges relating to the alleged drug crimes in order to better understand how to address those allegations. Consulting with an experienced Utah defense attorney could help the woman determine her most feasible courses of action.

Source:, "Utah woman arrested on drug charges", Nov. 21, 2016

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