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Man, woman facing charges for drug crimes in Utah

Two individuals were recently taken into custody in Utah. The 36-year-old man and 43-year-old woman are facing charges for drug crimes after being stopped by police. Reports stated that the pair were at a gas station when officers at the same gas station suspected that they were under the influence of drugs. When the two individuals drove away from the station, police conducted a traffic stop. There was also another individual in the car.

During the stop, authorities questioned the individuals and apparently called for a K9 unit. The search that ensued led to police allegedly finding drug paraphernalia, a knife in the passenger door and a handgun under the vehicle's hood. The woman reportedly stated that the weapon was hers, but police claimed that it was stolen. 

Officers searched the woman and allegedly found methamphetamine, heroin and credit cards that were not hers. After being taken to a county jail, another baggie of meth was allegedly found on the woman. The man was also taken into custody and while at the jail, his urine was tested. The test allegedly indicated that the man had meth, cocaine and amphetamines in his system. As a result, both individuals are facing multiple felony charges. 

In order to deal with the allegations for drug crimes that have been brought against them, the man and woman may wish to consider their individual options thoroughly. Because each decision made during legal proceedings can have significant repercussions, the individuals may each wish to seek assistance as their cases proceed. Reviewing and assessing their cases and options with experienced Utah attorneys may allow them to move in the directions that they are most comfortable pursuing.

Source:, "Two arrested in Provo on suspicion of possessing drugs, concealing stolen firearm", Kurt Hanson, Sept. 23, 2016

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