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September 2016 Archives

Man, woman facing charges for drug crimes in Utah

Two individuals were recently taken into custody in Utah. The 36-year-old man and 43-year-old woman are facing charges for drug crimes after being stopped by police. Reports stated that the pair were at a gas station when officers at the same gas station suspected that they were under the influence of drugs. When the two individuals drove away from the station, police conducted a traffic stop. There was also another individual in the car.

Utah man facing charge for alleged sex crimes

In order to contend with charges recently leveled against him, one man in Utah may be considering his legal options. Reports stated that the man had apparently run a day care during the 1990s and is now facing sex crimes allegations. A woman who is now 22 years old recently went to police to report that the man sexually abused her while she attended the man's day care as a child. 

Utah man may present criminal defense after arson charge

Taking action in a situation in which an individual feels there may have been wrongdoing could be considered a common occurrence. However, if that action is unnecessary or illegal, an individual could find him or herself facing criminal charges. In such situations, that individual will undoubtedly wish to create the most meaningful criminal defense possible.