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Utah residents facing pending charges relating to drug crimes

In some cases, authorities may conduct investigations that last months before they make arrests if they suspect that some sort of illegal activity is being conducted. When arrests are made, the individuals suspected may have many questions about their legal predicament that they would like answered. Therefore, if individuals are accused of having involvement in drug crimes, they may wish to consider exploring their legal options.

Two individuals in Utah may be hoping to make informed decisions after recently being taken into custody. It was reported that an investigation spanning several months came to a turning point when the two individuals were arrested. It was unclear where the arrests took place, but it was noted that police found 3 pounds of methamphetamine as well as marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash.

Identifying information regarding the two suspects was not given in the report as charges are pending. However, they are currently suspected of manufacturing and selling meth. It was also reported that one of the individuals could face federal charges due to allegedly selling drugs outside of the state. A sheriff in the county called the investigation and subsequent arrests "a very large drug bust."

As the two individuals wait to learn what formal charges -- if any -- are filed against them, they may wish to take steps to prepare for potential legal action. Creating a criminal defense against allegations brought against them for drug crimes will likely be a path they wish to follow. Information on Utah criminal proceedings relating to their cases may help them better understand their predicaments and defense options.

Source:, "Over $20K worth of meth, marijuana recovered in rural Utah", Natalie Crofts, Dec. 18, 2015

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