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December 2015 Archives

Utah residents facing pending charges relating to drug crimes

In some cases, authorities may conduct investigations that last months before they make arrests if they suspect that some sort of illegal activity is being conducted. When arrests are made, the individuals suspected may have many questions about their legal predicament that they would like answered. Therefore, if individuals are accused of having involvement in drug crimes, they may wish to consider exploring their legal options.

Utah man may wish to explore criminal defense options

It was recently reported that a Utah man is currently facing multiple charges after an alleged theft. As a result of the charges leveled against him, the man may be considering ways to create a meaningful criminal defense. The situation reportedly began when a local Boys and Girls Club contacted police about a television and passenger van purportedly being stolen from their facility.

Criminal defense may interest woman facing charges in Utah

Because criminal charges can stem from a variety of situations, individuals who have been accused of a crime will likely wish to better understand their particular charges. By gaining more knowledge about what they may face and options for handling charges, individuals may be better able to work toward creating and presenting a meaningful criminal defense. One woman may be looking to take such action after charges were filed in Utah.