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Van search leads to Utah man facing charges for drug crimes

When individuals have charges leveled against them, they may feel overwhelmed with anxiety and other negative feelings toward the situation. In many cases, preparing for the proceedings that they are about to face may help parties accused of drug crimes or other charges feel more at ease with the circumstances. Gathering information and advice about allegations, criminal proceedings and other related legal aspects may help accused individuals.

One man in Utah may be looking into his legal choices after being arrested by police. It was reported that the man had apparently been sleeping in his van when he was approached by an officer. The officer reportedly noticed a suspicious substance in the van thought to be methamphetamine. Other officers arrived at the scene, and the vehicle was purportedly searched.

The search allegedly uncovered residue, substances and paraphernalia that were suspected to have been drug-related. It was also noted that prescription drugs that were not prescribed to the man were reportedly found in the van. As a result of certain paraphernalia being inside the vehicle, the man was taken into custody and charged with intent to distribute drugs and other drug possession allegations.

Individuals facing charges for drug crimes may be concerned about how their situations will turn out. Luckily, they have the ability to work toward agreeable outcomes by creating a criminal defense or possibly agreeing to a plea bargain. Parties may wish to examine the pros and cons of such options as well as gather information regarding Utah criminal proceedings in order to determine what course of action may be best for them.

Source:, "Man already facing drug charges hit with additional charge of drug distribution," Mori Kessler, June 11, 2015

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