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Man charged with rape, other allegations in Utah

Individuals who have been charged in relation to serious crimes may hope to find the most reasonable way to handle their situations. The circumstances of the event in which they have had suspected involvement can play a considerable role in their options and how they themselves may wish to proceed. If a party has been accused of rape or other sexual assault charges, he or she may want to fully understand his or her case.

One man in Utah may be working to become more prepared for his legal situation after being taken into custody. It was reported that the man was a social worker who resigned from his position after an alleged incident. The man's employer contacted police after the man resigned due to the man's reasoning. Reports stated that the man allegedly raped a minor. 

The 16-year-old purported victim was reported as being a client of the social worker. He had allegedly picked her up from a relative's house before pulling over and reportedly forcing her to have intercourse. After being informed about the situation, authorities took the man into custody and charged him with forcible sodomy, rape and object rape. 

The rape charges and other allegations that have been leveled against the man are considered felonies. If he is convicted of such charges, he could potentially face life in prison. However, the man may have legal options that could help him address the situation. If he wishes to defend against the allegations, he should have the opportunity to utilize the Utah legal system to work toward proving his innocence or taking advantage of other possible legal strategies.

Source:, "Utah social worker's alleged sex assault victim was a client, documents say", May 20, 2015

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