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Convictions for sex crimes overturned in Utah case

Many individuals know that legal proceedings can be complicated affairs that can last a considerable length of time. Though a decision regarding a case may be initially made, there are instances in which appeals regarding those decisions may be made. If individuals have been convicted of sex crimes or other alleged criminal activity, appeals may be able to potentially help their situations.

Two men in Utah recently had convictions against them overturned after the statements of a legal representative were brought into question. The situation reportedly began when the two men allegedly consumed alcohol with a woman. It was then reported that the men supposedly took advantage of the woman after she fell asleep. One of the men was initially convicted of rape, and the second man was convicted of sexual abuse.

During a review of the case, it was determined that the prosecution used emotional tactics rather than simply stating the facts. As a result, the closing statements were not considered admissible, and the rulings were overturned. The two individuals could soon face a new trial regarding the reported situation.

As this situation shows, there are many facets of the legal process that can come into play when a case is being presented. Therefore, it is important that all aspects are considered, and knowledge pertaining to Utah court proceedings and practices could prove beneficial. Individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes or other allegations may wish to determine whether they could potentially have cause to appeal the rulings or other aspects of their cases.

Source:, "Sex crime convictions of 2 men overturned by Utah court", April 19, 2015

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