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Utah siblings taken into custody for alleged theft, drug crimes

For some parties, it may be surprising how quickly a situation can escalate. Individuals may believe that they are simply going out for the day when they become the subject of a police pursuit. If officers have reason to believe that individuals are involved in alleged criminal activity, the individuals could face charges for drug crimes, stolen property or other allegations if officers consider them appropriate.

Two individuals in Utah are currently facing several charges after reportedly leading officers on a chase. It was reported that authorities attempted to stop a vehicle that they believed was stolen. However, the driver allegedly did not stop and traveled at speeds over 100 mph. According to reports, the driver eventually crashed the vehicle and purportedly tried to flee on foot.

A passenger in the vehicle was apparently taken into custody, and drug paraphernalia was allegedly found on his person. The driver was later arrested, and she reportedly was also in possession of drug paraphernalia. There were several items inside the vehicle that were also considered stolen due to the vehicle's stolen status. The two individuals face several drug and theft related charges in relation to the incident.

Charges for theft and drug crimes could garner serious consequences if the parties are convicted of the allegations. In order to avoid such an outcome, the individuals may want to look into their options for criminal defense. There may be various strategies that they could utilize as individuals to contend with their legal affairs. If they are unfamiliar with Utah criminal proceedings, gathering information on the topic may be sensible.

Source:, "Police: Siblings arrested for drug charges after Sunday afternoon police chase", Kurt Hanson, Jan. 26, 2015

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