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December 2014 Archives

Utah man faces serious allegations, may consider criminal defense

Being charged with multiple allegations can lead to considerably negative repercussions if an individual is convicted. Therefore, it is important that an accused party understands his or her options for dealing with the legal aspects of their current state of affairs. Once a party has a better understanding, he or she may be more aptly able to determine the most appropriate course of action, such as creating a criminal defense.

Teen charged with violent crimes in Utah

The community may quickly jump to the conclusion that a person accused of a serious crime in Utah is guilty and deserves to be severely punished. However, no individuals charged with committing violent crimes are considered guilty unless the prosecution meets a strict burden of proof in their cases. One teenager in our state who had previously pleaded guilty to murdering his two brothers was also recently charged with assault.

Utah couple charged with more drug crimes after release from jail

A Utah couple has been arrested on charges for drug crimes just a few weeks after being released from prison. The two individuals had currently been in jail for similar charges regarding other drug crimes. The arrest was carried out after a 90-day investigation into the couple and 16 days after their initial release.