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November 2014 Archives

Utah man may consider criminal defense after murder charge

Understanding certain parts of the legal system can come in handy when a person has been charged with a crime. Individuals who are facing allegations for violent crimes may wish to explore how the proceedings for those charges are carried out. By doing so, they may be able to decide what routes may help them make the most out of their situation and if they would like to create a criminal defense.

Utah woman focuses on criminal defense after alleged road rage

Many individuals understand that frustration can easily stem from certain situations on the roadway. Many parties are able to keep such frustration under control, but some individuals may participate in unnecessary road rage. While such events can sometimes end with exuberant hand gestures or possibly yelling at another driver, there are cases in which the situations may escalate even further. As a result, a party could find him- or herself having to prepare a criminal defense.