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Individuals charged in Utah for alleged drug crimes

Because there are many different facets to the law, individuals who have been charged for alleged criminal activity may be uncertain what their specific situation could mean for them. Therefore, they may want to explore information regarding the charges that have been leveled against them and how they may be able to work toward the best possible outcome. Individuals who have been charged for drug crimes may have different options than those who have been accused of other activity.

Two individuals who were stopped by an officer in Utah may be hoping to gain more information on their situation. It was reported that a vehicle with two occupants was stopped due to a brake light not working on the vehicle. The officer allegedly became suspicious when the two individuals had conflicting stories about their plans.

Upon further investigation of the vehicle, the officer purportedly uncovered drug paraphernalia and identification cards that allegedly did not belong to either individual. A K-9 unit was apparently called to the scene and reportedly discovered nine pounds of methamphetamine. As a result, the driver and passenger in the vehicle were both charged with several felony drug-related and identity fraud allegations.

Allegations for drug crimes can come with steep penalties if the individuals are found guilty in a court of law. Therefore, they may want to examine their situation and determine what avenues they may want to follow. Information on criminal proceedings in Utah relating to their situation may help them learn more about their choices. Plea bargains or defense strategies may be of interest to the parties.

Source:, "Traffic stop leads to seizure of $200K worth of meth", Ken Hedler, Oct. 18, 2014

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