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October 2014 Archives

Individuals charged in Utah for alleged drug crimes

Because there are many different facets to the law, individuals who have been charged for alleged criminal activity may be uncertain what their specific situation could mean for them. Therefore, they may want to explore information regarding the charges that have been leveled against them and how they may be able to work toward the best possible outcome. Individuals who have been charged for drug crimes may have different options than those who have been accused of other activity.

Those in Utah accused of sex crimes need thorough defense

Here in Utah, crimes such as rape and assault are considered very seriously by prosecutors and law enforcement. One third of all those in prison in Utah have been convicted of sex crimes. However, there are those who have been accused of this type of offense that did not commit the crime. Anyone accused of a sex crime needs to have a complete defense in order to produce as favorable an outcome as possible. The team here at Aric Cramer has a wealth of experience in handling these types of cases.