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Utah teacher faces more sex crimes accusations

Another alleged victim has come forth in a criminal case against a former high school teacher. The Utah teacher has been accused of having inappropriate relationships with now two of her former students. The woman now faces additional sex crimes charges since the second purported victim came forward.

The 35-year-old woman previously taught for a high school in Farmington for two years. What led the authorities to arrest the woman and suspect her of sex crimes is unclear. However, in February at a preliminary hearing, the first victim testified that he and the woman had multiple sexual encounters over a period of several months. At the conclusion of the hearing, the woman was charged with one count of forcible sodomy and three counts of rape.

The second victim purportedly came forward last year on the day of the woman's arrest, and he told the authorities that he had also had an inappropriate relationship with her. However, he told the authorities in July that he had made the story up. He recently came forward again, and he testified in the courtroom that the sexual relationship did in fact occur. Now, she faces an additional rape charge, an additional forcible sodomy charge and three counts of forcible sex abuse, which means she faces nine felony charges.

Even she was ultimately charged with additional sex crimes, if the alleged second victim's testimony is the only evidence that they can find, the charges may not hold up in court. Any time a person is accused of a crime in Utah, it is up to the prosecution to prove the charges. However, if one of the key pieces of evidence proves to be unreliable, then some -- or potentially all -- of the woman's charges may be reduced or even dropped from the court record entirely.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, "Utah teacher to stand trial on charges of sex with second boy", Jessica Miller, Sept. 19, 2014

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