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2 in Utah accused of burglary, drug crimes

When an individual is facing criminal charges relating to drugs, the stigma that might be associated can have consequences in other areas of the person’s life. He or she might be subject to unfair scrutiny from the rest of society, even if they are acquitted of the charges, making it difficult to obtain employment or apply for a mortgage. Here in Utah, two people were recently arrested for charges relating to burglary and drug crimes, and if they are convicted, their lives could be turned upside down.

Police allege that the arrest came after the two individuals were found trespassing on private property. They claim that the pair burgled items from the private residence. Officers say they found the stolen items at another location later. The police also said that they discovered prescription pills and additional controlled substances at the location. The two were arrested and have several charges pending against them.

They are both charged with felony burglary, possession of a controlled substance and numerous other charges. They are currently in custody and bail has been set for each person. Police have not disclosed any relationship between the two individuals, nor whether either has entered any plea in relation to the charges.

Regardless, these two people are both presumed innocent unless and until they are proven guilty of the burglary and drug crimes they face. They have every right to put the prosecution to its proof and to vigorously defend their innocence. It may also be possible that one or both of them could seek to reach a plea agreement with prosecutors and plead guilty to lesser charges as a way to avoid jail time or other more severe punishment. Here in Utah, anyone in a similar situation has the same rights as these two do and will be given the opportunity to defend themselves in court.

Source:, "Burglary investigation leads to drug discovery, 2 arrests", T.S. Romney, Aug. 5, 2014

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