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Utah man accused of rape involving a teenage girl

Those who are accused of serious sex crimes may not be aware of just what the potential repercussions can be. Not only do prosecutors treat these cases seriously, a person who faces charges like rape or sexual assault can see negative effects in the rest of their life. They may have difficulty finding future employment or have trouble maintaining personal relationships -- even if they are acquitted. One Utah man is facing this exact situation, as he has been accused of raping a teenage girl.

Authorities claim that the incident happened after the girl and her mother allowed the accused man to stay in their home. He allegedly told the 14-year-old that he had nowhere to stay, and the mother offered their couch to sleep on. The girl said that he raped her that evening, and that he told her not to report what happened.

The girl and her mother went to police two weeks later to make a formal accusation. Police interviewed the suspect and say that he initially claimed he did not know her, but eventually recanted and said that he did, in fact, know her. Authorities arrested him and charged him with suspicion of rape, burglary and burglary of a vehicle.

This man -- and anyone else like him here in Utah -- has every right to a fair trial where he can present a defense of any evidence offered against him by prosecutors. Though he has not entered a plea at this time, he is presumed innocent before the court until and unless proven guilty. Charges of rape can carry significant punishment, such as incarceration. For this reason, he will need a full understanding of the accusations he faces in order to present the best defense possible.

Source:, "Man arrested for warrants, suspicion of rape", Candi Higley, July 14, 2014

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