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July 2014 Archives

Utah man accused of rape involving a teenage girl

Those who are accused of serious sex crimes may not be aware of just what the potential repercussions can be. Not only do prosecutors treat these cases seriously, a person who faces charges like rape or sexual assault can see negative effects in the rest of their life. They may have difficulty finding future employment or have trouble maintaining personal relationships -- even if they are acquitted. One Utah man is facing this exact situation, as he has been accused of raping a teenage girl.

Federal charges for Utah man in theft of dinosaur fossil

When a person is accused of a federal crime and feels there is evidence for conviction, he or she may decide to pursue a plea deal with the prosecution. Doing do usually means that the federal charges against the person are reduced and they therefore do not risk as harsh of a sentence as they might have originally faced. One Utah man is in this exact situation as he decided to plead guilty to charges relating to the theft of a fossil that was reportedly nearly 200 million years old.

Man charged with drug crimes after alleged shoplifting

Drug possession charges are very serious accusations here in Utah. Those who are unfortunate enough to be facing these types of allegations may not be aware of the potential for severe consequences upon conviction. Those found guilty could be sentenced to jail time or hefty fines. A man recently was accused of drug crimes after police claim to have caught him shoplifting, and his future remains uncertain.