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June 2014 Archives

Plea deal accepted in criminal defense in 1993 murder case

When the general public hears that a defendant in a criminal case has been offered a plea deal, they often assume that the deal will drastically reduce the person's sentence. Sometimes, accepting a plea deal can actually mean the difference between a life sentence and a death sentence. A man accused of murdering an elderly Utah woman over 20 years ago took a plea bargain in his criminal defense, and the death penalty was removed from possible punishments.

Utah man facing federal charges after acquittal in state court

In an interesting case, a Utah man is facing federal charges after he was already acquitted in a state court of allegedly killing of a sheriff's deputy. Prosecutors have filed papers that charge the man with 11 different federal charges. The request for a federal trial has been approved and the man will now face the legal process for these federal charges. The prosecutors have claimed that the charges he now faces are distinctly different from the charges for which he was acquitted.