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Woman charged with drug crimes, providing false information

Many people feel uncomfortable interacting with police officers, especially if they believe they are about to be in trouble. As a result, they may wrack their brains for ways to potentially avoid charges for drug crimes or other allegations, and unfortunately, the ideas they come up with do not always work in their favor. For instance, if a person tries to provide false information to an officer, he or she could face additional charges.

It was recently reported that one woman in Utah only made her interaction with officers more difficult after allegedly providing false information. Apparently, officers stopped the woman's vehicle because it did not have a license plate. They then reportedly asked for the woman's name, but she purportedly provided her daughter's name and told police that she was born in 1998.

Burglary-related charges present need for criminal defense

When criminal charges are leveled against individuals, they typically have their work cut out for them when it comes to mitigating the negative consequences that could result. Typically, the best way for them to do that is by working on creating meaningful criminal defense presentations. These presentations differ depending on the charges, details of events and the people involved.

Two individuals in Utah will likely be working on their defenses after recently being taken into custody. Apparently, the two were suspected to have been involved in the burglaries of seven businesses. The establishments included a laundromat, massage parlor, restaurant, yoga studio, pizza restaurant and a department store. At one of the locations, tools had been taken, and later, authorities were alerted to a sale that was suspected to involve the stolen tools.

Utah man charged for drug crimes, other offenses

When individuals are not in their right state of mind, they may commit acts that other people would not. Some of those acts could draw the attention of law enforcement, and a person could end up facing criminal charges for various offenses, including drug crimes. In certain cases, a person's mental state at the time of the alleged incidents could play a part in his or her criminal defense.

This type of defense strategy could play a part in the case of one Utah man who recently had a warrant issued for his arrest relating to an incident that took place last year. According to reports, an officer heard gunshots in an area where he had been investigating a car accident. The officer went to look into the shots and found a 64-year-old man who claimed that he was shooting at the 30 to 50 people living in the trees on his property. He also stated that the officer would not be able to see them without his infrared binoculars.

Young man accused of violent crimes after altercation

In many situations, if excessive alcohol consumption takes place, bad outcomes are not unusual. Some individuals may become angry when intoxicated and attempt to take their anger out on those nearby, which could quickly lead to charges for violent crimes. As a result, a night of drinking could turn into a serious legal predicament.

One man in Utah is currently facing this type of ordeal after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the 19-year-old had become intoxicated and began accusing his 17-year-old girlfriend of cheating on him. He then reportedly became violent with her, allegedly grabbing her and pushing her around the kitchen. The girl tried to escape, but the man again grabbed her. She managed to get through the front door, but he purportedly pushed her down the front steps, which knocked her unconscious.

Criminal defense important to man facing drug, other charges

While most people likely hope that they will get through life without facing any serious legal predicaments, that is not always what happens. For some people, serious criminal charges could be brought against them for various reasons, including drug-related activity. Of course, even though a person may face charges, he or she still has the right to present a criminal defense.

One man may be hoping to find the best defense for his case after recently being arrested in Utah. According to reports, an officer stopped the man's vehicle because it was traveling 94 mph on Interstate 15. After the officer approached the vehicle, he reportedly smelled marijuana. The man purportedly consented to a search of the vehicle, and the officer allegedly found drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Utah man charged with aggravated murder after remains found

In cases where a person faces a serious criminal charge, it is not unusual for others to draw their own conclusions before a trial even gets underway. This type of scenario is particularly true in cases of suspected murder. When an individual is taken into custody in association with the crime, others may immediately think the person is guilty. However, any accused party has the right to a criminal defense.

One man in Utah is undoubtedly hoping to use his defense presentation as a way to reach a favorable outcome to his criminal case. According to reports, the man was recently taken into custody in connection with the death of a 23-year-old college student. The woman had been missing for 11 days before her remains were reportedly discovered in the man's backyard.

Drug crimes: Man accused of possession with intent in Utah

Criminal accusations can seem to plague certain people. They may handle serious legal situations only to find themselves facing allegations again later. Unfortunately, accusations of drug crimes can have lasting consequences, and if a person is charged more than once, the situation may only become more serious.

One man in Utah is currently facing this type of ordeal after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, a major crimes task force obtained a warrant to search the man's apartment. It was unclear what evidence they had to obtain the warrant, but they believed that he was operating a large-scale drug trafficking business. When officers searched the residence, they allegedly found 20 pounds of methamphetamine, 3 kilograms of heroin and 380 grams of cocaine. A loaded handgun and drug distributing paraphernalia were also purportedly discovered.

Utah man charged with violent crimes after child goes missing

When a child goes missing, numerous people can feel an immediate sense of panic. Investigations begin, and police officers often start looking for suspects in the event that wrongdoing has occurred. In such situations, it is not unusual for a person to face allegations for violent crimes if a child is not found and murder is suspected.

This type of scenario has recently affected a 21-year-old Utah man. According to reports, the man's 5-year-old niece went missing after the man had been at his sister's home with the child the night before her disappearance. The family claims that when they woke up the next morning, the young girl was gone and so was her uncle. Authorities located the man and claimed that he gave inconsistent statements and was uncooperative.

Utah man likely to defend against charges of murder, obstruction

When fearful, some individuals may think it is better not to tell the truth about a situation. They could believe that if they lie, they will avoid suspicion or trouble, but unfortunately, if a person is not truthful with law enforcement or if police even suspect that the person was lying, more trouble could result. As a result, an individual could wind up needing to defend against multiple charges.

One man in Utah is currently facing such a predicament because authorities believe he tried to cover up the death of his girlfriend. Reports indicated that the man called emergency services on the night of his girlfriend's death and claimed that she died after the two had aggressive sex, which he claimed involved putting restraints on their necks. However, an emergency room doctor indicated that the woman's injuries did not fit with the man's story.

Multiple people face charges for Utah drug crimes

Everyone makes mistakes. It is a simple fact of life. Unfortunately, some people's mistakes can land them in more serious trouble than others. For instance, if parties get wrapped up in drug-related activity, they could end up the subjects of investigations that may lead to serious charges for drug crimes.

It was recently reported that nine people were taken into custody for drug-related charges in Utah as the result of an investigation. It was unclear what prompted the investigation, but it was noted that it had been going on for months. Authorities were apparently looking into drug distribution activities in an area, and a narcotic strike force team was involved with the recent arrests. That team consisted of law enforcement officers from multiple county and city departments.