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Serving Clients in Southern Utah FOR MORE THAN
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Client had been charged with illegal re-entry and the recommendation from the government and the probation office was a sentence of at least three years in prison. When the Judge was made aware of all facts,
he reduced the sentence by over two years and gave the client an effective sentence of 5 months
after credit for time served and good time!
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innocent verdict
Two clients arrested facing 15 to 17 years in prison under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. After 2 days of testimony and hard fought legal issues, Aric delivered an impassioned closing argument.
After only 90 minutes, the jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict!
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The court dismissed the case at the end of the preliminary hearing ruling that there was no credible evidence that their client had taken any money from him with intent to deprive.
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The events that wreak the most havoc in people’s lives usually occur without sufficient warning. Criminal charges are often like that. When you find yourself facing the accusation that you have committed a serious criminal offense, you need an attorney with proven experience to handle your case successfully. Clients seeking aggressive, high-quality criminal defense in Utah turn to the law firm of Aric Cramer, Attorney at Law. Since 1989, Aric Cramer has combined uncompromising ethical standards with extensive trial experience to develop a defense tailor-made for every individual client.

Years Of Practice In All Areas Of Criminal Law

Aric Cramer has 30 years of trial experience and has successfully defended clients against the most severe accusations. Aric Cramer, Attorney at Law, has earned a reputation as the go-to firm for anyone seeking legal representation for a serious felony charge in southern Utah. Aric Cramer, Attorney at Law, provides competent representation in multiple areas of criminal law. St. George lawyer Aric Cramer was one of only 15 criminal defense attorneys in Utah approved by the state of Utah to contract with the state to defend indigent defendants in death penalty cases.

With Aric Cramer, you get a lawyer whose lawyers are proud to take on controversial cases. His familiarity with local hot button topics — such as the legalities of BASE jumping in Zion National Park, polygamous lost boy issues and criminal conviction effects on immigration status — gives him a defensive edge in the courtroom. He is willing to take the tough cases other lawyers might not want in order to serve as many people as he can.

To schedule a free 30 minute in-office or phone consultation with Aric Cramer, call 435-627-1565 (criminal law issues only) or email me.

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